Breaking Ground

I’ve noticed a significant progression of TV shows that catch my interest, based on the phase of life in which I find myself. In the middle of wedding-planning, I was obsessed with David Tutera and Say Yes to the Dress. Once we had our wedding, my interest waned. A few months later, we rescued Denzel, and my alarm was set daily for 4:00 (AM, to let him outside; PM, to soak in every second of advice from Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer). Once we realized there was no hope for Denz, my interest waned yet again.

Since we began discussing the house, I have become more interested in home renovation shows, although those have always been pretty high on my list (who could ever forget the unrealistic construction time-frames and emotional home reveals from Extreme Home Makeover or the tacky, yet budget-friendly designs and awkward room-reveals from Trading Spaces?!). Yes, I have seen every episode of Fixer Upper, although this renovation from Season 2 is really the only one that matters: A Fixer Upper Take on Midcentury Modern.

We all know more takes place behind the scenes than what they can show on TV. Here are a few things that I’m finding out as we move forward with this building process:

  • It all takes time. I offered to start shoveling a hole for the foundation if that would speed up the process, but Tommy didn’t think that would be necessary.
  • It requires careful attention to details. Most of the stage we are in right now is totally new and unfamiliar territory for me. I could talk about interior design all day, but foundation and footings? Important, I get it, but, snooze.
  • “Maybe tomorrow” has become somewhat of our mantra. Not because progress isn’t being made – it is – but each phase completed leads us to believe that “maybe tomorrow” they will start on the next thing. Speaking of progress, check it out:
March 19, 2016
Photo Apr 28, 5 58 15 PM
April 28, 2016
Photo May 03, 8 00 59 PM
May 3, 2016

Thanks for following along – keep checking in for more progress updates!