Pumping Concrete

Our week in review:

Thursday, 5/19: Tommy’s dad – The Captain – arrived early Thursday morning.

May 20, 2016
May 20, 2016

Friday, 5/20: Logix courses set and ready for concrete.


Monday, 5/23: We picked up 100 square feet of slate from a storage unit in Chestertown – thanks to Craigslist. I tried to talk him even lower than his asking price, but we still walked away with a great deal.

May 24, 2016 – Pumping concrete into the walls
The other Captain

Tuesday, 5/24: Cement trucks showed up at 8:07; Durand was here by 8:15 to check on their work. He was convinced Tommy’s dad’s name was “Mr. Mike” – we have no idea why.

Wednesday, 5/25: Bought ice cream sandwiches for the men working; got home too late to get to the site before they left; ate the ice cream sandwiches.

They will start plumbing and hopefully pour the basement floor next week. Thanks for following!

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Basement Walls

I thought I’d answer some frequently asked questions I’ve received since starting this process:

  1. What kind of house are you building? – I think I understand this question, but the answer is still a little dependent upon who is asking. We are building a one-story, 3bedroom/2bathroom ranch with a full-walkout basement.
  2. How big will it be? – It is 32’x48′, or just over 1,400 interior square footage.
  3. Did you design it? – We’ve been discussing the possibility of building for a while, so I knew the basic idea of the floor-plan that we liked and reviewed over a thousand online. So, it is a compilation of a few floor-plans that I liked the most and input from Tommy and his dad. As far as the sketch of actual floor-plan, yes, I designed it.
  4. Can I buy your in-laws’ house? – I doubt it, but you can talk to them about it.
  5. When will it be finished/When are you moving? – I’m always afraid to answer this question because when I do, people often tell me that it will take longer than I expect. So, we are aiming for Christmas of this year – I know – it could be later!

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May 16, 2016
May 17, 2016
May 18, 2016


May 19
May 19, 2016



Placing Courses

I told Tommy that I was going to start camping out at the house, just to get used to sleeping there! He didn’t believe me. Probably because of my overall objection to camping, or because I refuse to take the compost out after dark. He knows better than to think I’d actually sleep outside by myself all night.

But you’re just here to check on the progress of the house, and there sure has been progress! The inspector is coming today – so hopefully all goes well.

May 11, 2016
May 12, 2016


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Want to know more about the phase we are in right now? This guy from LOGIX can explain it better than I can:

Breaking Ground

I’ve noticed a significant progression of TV shows that catch my interest, based on the phase of life in which I find myself. In the middle of wedding-planning, I was obsessed with David Tutera and Say Yes to the Dress. Once we had our wedding, my interest waned. A few months later, we rescued Denzel, and my alarm was set daily for 4:00 (AM, to let him outside; PM, to soak in every second of advice from Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer). Once we realized there was no hope for Denz, my interest waned yet again.

Since we began discussing the house, I have become more interested in home renovation shows, although those have always been pretty high on my list (who could ever forget the unrealistic construction time-frames and emotional home reveals from Extreme Home Makeover or the tacky, yet budget-friendly designs and awkward room-reveals from Trading Spaces?!). Yes, I have seen every episode of Fixer Upper, although this renovation from Season 2 is really the only one that matters: A Fixer Upper Take on Midcentury Modern.

We all know more takes place behind the scenes than what they can show on TV. Here are a few things that I’m finding out as we move forward with this building process:

  • It all takes time. I offered to start shoveling a hole for the foundation if that would speed up the process, but Tommy didn’t think that would be necessary.
  • It requires careful attention to details. Most of the stage we are in right now is totally new and unfamiliar territory for me. I could talk about interior design all day, but foundation and footings? Important, I get it, but, snooze.
  • “Maybe tomorrow” has become somewhat of our mantra. Not because progress isn’t being made – it is – but each phase completed leads us to believe that “maybe tomorrow” they will start on the next thing. Speaking of progress, check it out:
March 19, 2016
Photo Apr 28, 5 58 15 PM
April 28, 2016
Photo May 03, 8 00 59 PM
May 3, 2016

Thanks for following along – keep checking in for more progress updates!