Mid-Mod Townhouse

My sister and I have similar design styles. In fact, this past Christmas I noticed a candle-holder on her mantle. She said, “I thought you would like it. I actually bought it for you, but decided to keep it for myself.” Only sisters can get away with that.

This house was vacant for five years before the church – where Nate is working – renovated the house for staff housing.

Living Room – Before
Living Room – After

Their living room looks like it came straight out of my Living Room Inspiration! Compare their living room with one I saved for our house:

I guess you could say we think alike.


Another similarity we have is our searching of Craigslist for a good deal. We drove to Burlington, VT together to pick up this modern farmhouse dining room table. The two clear acrylic chairs in the dining room and the white leather chair in the living room are also more great Craigslist finds. The buffet is from the thrift store; all it needed was a modern face-lift!


Nate and Cherith moved to this house from Brazil. Before moving, they sold almost everything, but they kept a few things that reminded them of Brazil, including the two authentic cowhide rugs in the living room and master bedroom.

Thank you Cherith for sharing these inspiring photos of mid-century/modern decor ideas!



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