Light Fixtures


Durand asked us where we were going, and our response was all too familiar to anyone who frequently shops on Craigslist: “We’re going to a parking lot to meet a lady and buy some lights from her.” I guess there are worse things you could buy in a parking lot.

For $25, I brought home four onyx mosaic light fixtures, including a chandelier, a semi-flush mount, and two pendants.

I figured out how to shorten the wires of the chandelier, and we plan to hang it in the master bedroom. I found a similar chandelier online for $484.91:


I have been considering a ceiling lamp from Ikea for $29.99, so when I found not one, but four lights for less than the price of this one, I knew I had to go for it.


I’m still not quite sure where I will put the pendants. I was thinking about possibly hanging them in the laundry room if I don’t come up with another idea.


Or maybe I’ll just let Durand keep them.

Featured image from: Ikea – purchase the exact fixture here!



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