Mixed Metals

I already mentioned my love for gold accents in my Kitchen Inspiration post. The only things better than gold accents, however, are mixed-metal accents, such as gold and copper!


I found this detailed, gold and copper nail-art-canvas for $1.00 at a local garage sale this summer. We love spending time on the lake, and I could not pass up these colors!


This copper and stainless steel bowl is from the thrift store – more on that gold mine to come – and the black and gold plate was a wedding gift. I think this plate may be to blame for starting my love of black and gold (Thanks, Jen!).


Another thrift store find, this copper ice bucket is a perfect jar for dog treats. It sits on a shelf out in the open all day, but still fits right in with the mixed-metal decor.


Don’t let him fool you; he gets more than enough treats.


And finally, this gold and copper teapot was a Christmas gift from Tommy’s mom, the gold S mug from my friend Nichole, and the gold and black plates from my sister Karalie.

[Also, the heart artwork, or heartwork, if you will, is just a framed gift bag that I found on clearance for $0.70 at Home Goods.]



Denzel is obviously just as excited as I am to see all of these mixed-metal pieces come together for our new house.

Check out  E. Interior’s post for more on mixed metals!


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