Mid-Mod Townhouse

My sister and I have similar design styles. In fact, this past Christmas I noticed a candle-holder on her mantle. She said, “I thought you would like it. I actually bought it for you, but decided to keep it for myself.” Only sisters can get away with that.

This house was vacant for five years before the church – where Nate is working – renovated the house for staff housing.

Living Room – Before
Living Room – After

Their living room looks like it came straight out of my Living Room Inspiration! Compare their living room with one I saved for our house:

I guess you could say we think alike.


Another similarity we have is our searching of Craigslist for a good deal. We drove to Burlington, VT together to pick up this modern farmhouse dining room table. The two clear acrylic chairs in the dining room and the white leather chair in the living room are also more great Craigslist finds. The buffet is from the thrift store; all it needed was a modern face-lift!


Nate and Cherith moved to this house from Brazil. Before moving, they sold almost everything, but they kept a few things that reminded them of Brazil, including the two authentic cowhide rugs in the living room and master bedroom.

Thank you Cherith for sharing these inspiring photos of mid-century/modern decor ideas!



Light Fixtures


Durand asked us where we were going, and our response was all too familiar to anyone who frequently shops on Craigslist: “We’re going to a parking lot to meet a lady and buy some lights from her.” I guess there are worse things you could buy in a parking lot.

For $25, I brought home four onyx mosaic light fixtures, including a chandelier, a semi-flush mount, and two pendants.

I figured out how to shorten the wires of the chandelier, and we plan to hang it in the master bedroom. I found a similar chandelier online for $484.91:


I have been considering a ceiling lamp from Ikea for $29.99, so when I found not one, but four lights for less than the price of this one, I knew I had to go for it.


I’m still not quite sure where I will put the pendants. I was thinking about possibly hanging them in the laundry room if I don’t come up with another idea.


Or maybe I’ll just let Durand keep them.

Featured image from: Ikea – purchase the exact fixture here!


Modern Basement

The first project Ashley and I worked on together was a secret mailbox, hidden half-way between her house and mine. To build our mailbox, first we found an old tree stump, then dug out the rotted wood, placed a metal coffee can inside, and covered the can back up with pine needles. We were destined to be successful architects.

Now, twenty years later, we are both in the process of building our first home. Ashley and Erik, much further along in the process than we are, offered this advice for first-time home-builders:

  • Make your plans as detailed as possible
  • Get as many prices for products from several different sources
  • Establish a relationship with a reputable sales rep from local building suppliers.
  • Limit your time running after supplies by making detailed lists

    “We just finished siding and now just have to finish grading in the front. As for the interior, the upstairs radiant is almost finished, then we can tape and paint and put a floor down and we’ll be ready to sell!”

What makes their situation unique is that they are living in the basement, while slowly building the rest of the house. Ashley said, “We are doing it all with cash, so it’s been slow, but we are almost there! We should have everything done in the next couple of months, and then we plan on putting it on the market and hopefully selling right away! And then we will do it all again…It has been a bit slower than planned, but it’s worth it!”

Two of my favorite design details about this basement are the mid-mod living room and the Edison-bulb pendants in the bathroom.

“We’ve been living down here for the past four years and plan to finish the upstairs by spring and then put the house on the market.”
“We both have basically the same taste, so we designed it together. I’ve helped as much as I can, where I can, when it comes to the building process, but it’s been pretty minimal! I built a few walls!”




“We found this house online years ago. We liked the exterior and then just laid the interior out together…We don’t actually have blueprints, Erik just went off of the outside dimensions and built away!”


Good luck, Ashley and Erik! Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful home!

Mixed Metals

I already mentioned my love for gold accents in my Kitchen Inspiration post. The only things better than gold accents, however, are mixed-metal accents, such as gold and copper!


I found this detailed, gold and copper nail-art-canvas for $1.00 at a local garage sale this summer. We love spending time on the lake, and I could not pass up these colors!


This copper and stainless steel bowl is from the thrift store – more on that gold mine to come – and the black and gold plate was a wedding gift. I think this plate may be to blame for starting my love of black and gold (Thanks, Jen!).


Another thrift store find, this copper ice bucket is a perfect jar for dog treats. It sits on a shelf out in the open all day, but still fits right in with the mixed-metal decor.


Don’t let him fool you; he gets more than enough treats.


And finally, this gold and copper teapot was a Christmas gift from Tommy’s mom, the gold S mug from my friend Nichole, and the gold and black plates from my sister Karalie.

[Also, the heart artwork, or heartwork, if you will, is just a framed gift bag that I found on clearance for $0.70 at Home Goods.]



Denzel is obviously just as excited as I am to see all of these mixed-metal pieces come together for our new house.

Check out  E. Interior’s post for more on mixed metals!